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By ikelley - 11/27/2013 5:35:06 PM

HRCH UH Trinity’s Riptide Ryder MH CGC TDI (RIP) earned Junior Hunter Title at 6 Months of Age (6 Months is the youngest age a dog is eligible to compete in the AKC). At 6 Months of Age he was doing Quads, Diversions, Delivering to Hand at Heel, Completely Steady, Sitting on three Commands (Voice, Whistle, and Hand Signal), and doing very well on blinds. HR title earned at 10 months and 2 days old, 10th youngest HR Chocolate Labrador in history. HRCH title earned at 17 months, 16th Youngest HRCH Chocolate Labrador in history. MH title earned at 2 years 10 days of age - first MH pass at 17 Months, 6th pass and title earned at 2 years 10 days if we hadn't decided to skip senior and didn't have to get the 6th pass he would have had his title at 23 months of age. Rip has earned his Upland Hunter Title in 4 straight tests. Rip also passed the 2011 Master National. Rip has many titled offspring including trinity’s UH HRCH Trinity's Riptide River Rush MH CGC (Rush) who is the youngest upland hunter ever and also passed the 2013 master nation. 

Rip’s health Clearances

OFA Good Hips LR-179023G25M-VPI, Normal Elbows LR-EL41819M25-VPI, CERF LR-54827

Normal Cardiac LR-CA3426/25M/P-VPI, Normal Patella LR-PA315/25M/P-VPI, Normal Thyroid LR-TH371/25M-VPI

EIC Non-Carrier D08-065147, CNM Non-Carrier LR-CNM09-237-M-PIV,

PRA Non-Carrier OptiGen # 09-9969, RD/OSD Non-Carrier & Narcolepsy Non-Carrier OptiGen # 09-9969

DNA Profile V497914 - AKC & UKC Registered

Kelley’s Cocoa Chloe has never been campaigned in hunt tests but not because she doesn’t have the talent or drive. She comes from hunting stock and is an unbelievable marking dog. She has never learned any casting due to my inexperience and being intimidated by training casting. Chloe had her first litter out of a senior hunter male last November. The litter had six pups 5 of which have been hunting and retrieving doves and ducks this season before they turned a year old. One male out of the litter had his first two started passes at 5 months old. The male I kept from the litter got his junior hunter title at 7 months old in 4 straight passes; he also gained his hunting retriever title at just over 10 months old only failing one test out of five.

Chloe’s hips are OFA LR-196548656f-NODI

The litter is EIC and CNM Clear

I have 12 chocolate pups 8 males and 4 females. I have the female on site and the male mentioned above that I kept from the last litter. Arrangements can be made to see the stud if needed. The pups will be ready to be picked up January 13th. A 300 dollar deposit will be needed to secure your pick. call or txt 1-740-352-4469 

By ikelley - 12/17/2013 4:10:57 PM
Asking $900 a pup all still available!
By ikelley - 1/11/2014 11:55:44 AM
Price reduced to $800 pups ready to go
By Boom3X - 1/11/2014 5:46:31 PM
Any pictures? I can't buy one but I know people that are
By ikelley - 1/28/2014 5:29:26 PM
I can text pics! price is now 750 way cheaper than I wanted to sale these pups for! if i were not a college student and had time i would train these pups and sale them as started dogs they are well worth 900. I have 3 females and 7 males left call or text for pics or more info