Sporting Clays and the Blind
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By JonathanPilot - 11/23/2013 7:59:23 PM
Howdy...I'm new to shotgunning and waterfowling.  With respect to strictly shooting, can a correlation be made with success, or lack thereof, at the sporting clay stand and in the blind be made? Do the differences in loads mitigate this correlation?  Thanks. J.
By Trackmyer - 11/24/2013 5:46:25 PM
Can a correlation be made between sporting clays and in a blind? Not sure exactly what you are looking for but here's my take.

Will shooting sporting clays or skeet make you better in the duck blind? Yes, but any time spent shouldering a gun and shooting will benefit you as a hunter.  As long as proper form is followed.  In skeet or sporting clays, you learn about leading a target, tracking a target, and follow thru after the shot.  BUT -
Neither sporting clays or skeet will teach you how to pop up out of a layout blind pick a bird, and down that bird.  Or teach you how to quickly decide one bird in an incoming flock to shoot at and not flock shoot.

I know great duck shooters who suck at skeet, and guys who will hit 24 out of 25 clays, but spend all 3 shells on a goose at 20 yards and not cut a feather.

Since you said you are fairly new to shooting sports I encourage you to give skeet or clays a try.  Just don't be upset if you don't hit all the clays, that doesn't mean you wont enjoy or harvest game on a waterfowl hunt.  I shoot clays with friends from time to time, but not at a club, got fed up with the skeet range snobbery.
By JonathanPilot - 11/24/2013 9:06:10 PM
Troy, thank you for the insight. I am certainly on the "lack thereof" side of the spectrum with respect to sporting clays, especially if I try to mount and shoot.  Consequently, popping out of the blind was one of my concerns.

Thanks again.  J.