Stoger P350
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By DCDU - 4/6/2011 10:35:08 PM
Is a Stoger P350 good enough for duck hunting and if so what choke should I go with?
By blizzardhunter - 4/24/2011 7:58:43 PM
I used one for 2 seasons and loved it.  I never had a single problem with it.  The stroke was a little longer than the one on my 870 I had used so it took a little to get used to ejecting shells.  It shot great and I used the factory IC choke that came with it with black cloud shells.  I only got rid of it because I wanted a semi automatic.  Big mistake.  The 1187 I bought is a lot more finicky and has had some problems.  The P350 is a great gun and I highly recommend it.
By richard rouleau - 4/24/2011 10:46:21 PM
well i have a stogger and love the gun i did have to buy a aftermarket choke tube for it becuse the factory tube are junk . the gun shot real good never had problem with it. i bought a ture lock choke tube in mod. for my p350
By foggydecoy - 5/9/2011 11:13:49 PM
Unfortunately I purchased the Stoeger p-350 back in June of 2010. I love the way the gun feels and throws up... but thats all I love about it. It has now broken 4 times in the same place before I even had it for a year. 

The worst part is Benelli - Stoeger customer service is the worst I have ever experienced! They claimed to have fixed my gun 4 times now instead of just replacing it. Now I hunt with 2 guns cause I never know when it will break on me. 

Its unfortunate but I will not buy another gun from this company again due to their customer service and the way they handled things. Not due to the gun. I gave them 4 opportunities to do the right thing and they didn't. 

The stock is what broke every time.
By DCDU - 5/18/2011 1:17:13 PM
thanks alot. I have had a remington 870 and shot it all my life and it was stolen so I went out and bought the stoger because it was cheap and I'm on the college and working budget.